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Writer and Copywriter

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Cadbury Bournville "Mr Fitzpatrick"

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We created a radio series that followed two mysterious characters on their various escapades. A more classical style of writing was used to appeal to Bournville's sophisticated target market, older women who too have a darker side.



DStv "Movember"

I think that ad fulfils some of the things that ... I love.
Fantastic copywriting!
— Jenny Crwys Williams, 702 Ad feature.



The Nelson Mandela Foundation, in collaboration with Google South Africa challenged agencies to create a YouTube hack that would encourage the world to keep Nelson Mandela's legacy alive. We saw the opportunity to keep his 'Legocy' thriving by recreating his story in Lego. We took the idea one step further and encouraged people to sign a petition to request Lego to create a Madiba freedom fighter set.

The idea won the Youtube hack and the idea exploded online, gaining favour on social media and garnering front page media coverage on most major news outlets. It even made an appearance on prime time national news. The petition will be handed over to Lego in December 2014. 



DStv "Beads"

 We were briefed to create a brand presence for DStv, sponsors of the 2012 Design Indaba, at the CTICC. The theme of the Indaba was “Taking Home the Best of South African Creativity.” To fit into this we decided against using traditional banners and posters and opted instead to collaborate with The Topsy Foundation.Amongst other things, The Topsy Foundation helps crafters sell their work. Using hundreds of thousands of beads, we created large-scale posters of iconic and contemporary figures that feature on DStv. These were installed in high traffic areas to ensure maximum exposure.

The work attracted significant attention, both at the Indaba and online. The posters also generated much-welcomed publicity for the Topsy Foundation. Plans are underway to auction off the posters to raise funds for Topsy.

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The beaded curtain makes a massive comeback.
— Terry Levin - Creative Director

We furthered the concept by developing TV idents which were broadcast on various DStv channels. [click to play]

Animator: Ariën De Beer




Macmillan Publishers  "The Fear"

We created a sculptural installation piece, a portrait of Robert Mugabe's head, that was constructed mainly from ash. Viewers were invited to listen to excerpts of the audio book whilst watching Mugabe's head slowly disintegrate.

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Exclusive Books  "Noseweek Stirrers"

Noseweek is a magazine dedicated to ruthlessly investigating corruption and exposing public figures who’ve been caught in ‘hot water”.

We realised an opportunity to talk to well-read Exclusive Books customers. They can often be found paging through magazines and slipping on something at Exclusive Books’ adjoining coffee shop, Seattle.

We created stirrers in the shapes of public figures and placed them in the mugs and takeaway cups of Seattle Coffee patrons, encouraging them to sit down, page through, and ultimately buy this month’s Noseweek. Placement was timed to release of the latest issue, providing a hard call to action.

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Stationary - Internal Marketing

The "All-purpose" greeting card


Above-the-line agency Ogilvy Johannesburg wanted to refresh their stationary and bring it in line with their new internal marketing campaign "The 8 Habits". This was part of the "Playful" habit.

The card is meant to serve any possible occasion, achievement, or celebration. It also has a few compliments that might help woo that new client, or even just get that hard-shelled marketing manager chuckling. 

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Exclusive Books "Google"

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